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Ok, I’m not sure if this is a rant or a review. So I’ll start with all the pros then the cons. After four rehashes of Street Fighter 4 they released V, great! Is it good? Yes, It’s great! Is it complete? NO! And I’ll get to that in a few moments. The music suits the feel of the game and excitement to play it against either a friend or a random online. The gameplay is amazing. It’s faster, more accessible than before and still retains the ability of being a deep game. I personally love 3D fighters such as Virtua Fighter and Dead or Alive but this drew me in instantly. Upon starting a match, I felt more comfortable with the flow of the game than 4. The players I favor in playing are Rashid, Karin and Ryu “Of Course”.

Rashid look likes Aladdin with a Sayian scouter in my opinion. As for gameplay, he’s very accessible like your normal fireball characters, Ryu, Ken etc. He has projectiles that aim upwards, a wall tech and a ranged kick allowing access for those who aren’t experienced. Karin comes off as a refined character over sized curls in a Victorian Europe-era fashion and she has that typical anime bad girl laugh if you have her voice set to Japanese. She is all about keeping the pressure on the opponent. If you don’t like letting up on the enemy and pounding until nothing is left, she’s for you. Where I feel she excels is when you activate her V-Trigger. What’s V-Trigger? It’s a gauge that gradually fills during the battle and it activated by pressing both heavy attacks. V Trigger allows characters to gain access to more moves for more combos or is a move that can change the tide of battle. This gives Karin more moves for more pressure and a anti-air move as well. Making her deadly to a cornered opponent.

As for Ryu, he is virtually the same aside from the slight changes of V. So far the game does feel faster as I said before, and when the players activate V-Trigger, then you know things are about to get serious. With this increased speed too, I’ve noticed higher combos than Street Fighter 4 has offered. Which is great because I’m all combos. Now for online match ups. The game is only available for PS4 and PC via through Steam and they are cross platform. Yeah, I said it folks, cross platform. Well what about the other pros of this game? Well, that’s about IT! Everything else will be released with a update “in March”. Capcom has suckered us in this time. Of course this game has stuff like survival mode and story mode but THAT’S IT. Everything else will be released in a update alongside with more characters. Oh and get this, you have to either earn battle points from online matches to buy these additional characters or spend real money. Capcom has made us spend $60 U.S. Dollars on what we thought was a full game but then tell us we have optional micro transactions for more characters or costume colors to come shortly after the release. Another thing to add to this list of cons is the servers.

The servers constantly disconnect, even if you’re playing local versus matches with a friend, the server will kick you to the main menu stating that servers are offline. Well Capcom supposedly ran beta access just to test servers and they’re still crappy. SFV is a great game so far as it is, but as a whole product with the promise of additional content that should normally be there is just awful. Unless you’re a die hard Street Fight fan, then wait for a rehash of this game next year and it’s more than likely going to be call Super Street Fighter V. Cause we all know the history of Capcom and rehashing the same game for four or more years. Final verdict, three out of five for being a solid, deep and accessible game but the incomplete feeling and promise of additional normal content is awful and shouldn’t be the way this beloved series should be handled.

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  1. Conan

    Never been the biggest fan of fighting games (cause I generally suck at them) but seeing a lot of people enjoying SFV makes me wanna jump in. They’ll probably re-release the game at some point with all the DLC included at some point but tempted to buy it after seeing what they include in the update in March. Nice review, I’m really looking forward to play as Laura and Juri!

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