Oct 03

Overwatch In a Nutshell (part 1) – by Passive4

So, you wanna play Overwatch? Well, to play the game we must first understand the game. First , what is Overwatch? Well, Overwatch is a MOBA or a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. In short, you play online with a whole bunch of other people. 12 real people to be exact (one of those people being you). Six people on your team and six people on the enemy team. The entire game is centered around your cooperation with these other people in order to take an objective and win the match. So, that’s the basic structure of Overwatch. However, when you first start the game you’re faced with a couple of options. Which game mode should you play? There are four game modes available for you.

The first is Quick Play. Quick Play is where you go when you want to play a few quick matches in a easy going setting. Most of the people in quick play are either practicing new heroes, looking to gain experience and level, playing with friends, or, in some cases, just messing around and having fun. Quick Play is really the place to go if you just wanna have some fun. However, there is a catch with quick play the entire game mode is played with real people. If you aren’t ready to play with real people Blizzard has your back. You can easily hop over Play Against AI (Artificial Intelligence). Play Against AI is a game mode where the only real people in the game are on your team. The entire enemy team is made up of computers all programmed to act a certain way. You can also choose what kind of AI you want to play against. Such as, easy, medium, and hard. This mode is also great for practicing new heroes.

On the opposite side of this, there’s the most serious game mode possible, Competitive. Competitive is played against all the real people and all of them are looking to place in the highest rank they possibly can. People play this game mode for the serious atmosphere, the excitement of playing with people at the same level, and to earn competitive points to buy a sweet golden weapon. However, Competitive has a catch, you can’t play Competitive until you reach level 25.

Lastly, the next game mode you should check out is Arcade. People in Arcade are usually looking to accomplish only one thing, their weekly arcade loot boxes. While playing arcade every win you get you move closer to earning three loot boxes. Plus, Arcade is full of cool, unique game modes to try your hand at. So, now you’re hopefully interested in trying out Overwatch. However, as a video game consumer myself, I know the question everybody ask before they buy a video game. Is it pay-to-win? Not at all. Everything everybody has in Overwatch can be earned by simply playing the game. Every time you level you earn a loot box, plus the three you can earn each week from Arcade mode. You always get four prizes in each loot box you open and there’s a wide variety. You can get sprays, skins, voice lines, emotes, and more. Everything you want to make your account more personalized and fun is just a level and a loot box away.

Next Week – The different types of Objectives and Maps.

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